Universal Basic Income

​    Universal Basic Income (UBI)​

     Melissa Kearney, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland, Brookings fellow and research associate National Bureau of Economic Research

    What Do Prime Age NILF Men Do With Their Time? A Cautionary Tale for Advocates of UBI

     Nick Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair In Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute

Unemployment Insurance

     UI Work Search Waivers - Time to Reconsider

     John Courtney, President, American Institute for Full Employment

Zoom Session November 2020

Vaccination Roll Out

   ​The Untold Story of COVID-19 and What Government Can Learn From It

     Kristin Cox, Former Executive Director, Utah Office of Management and Budget


Combatting UI Fraud

     Unemployment Insurance - Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

     Angela Cook, Audit Coordinator, Fraud Investigation Unit, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

     Don Denton, General Counsel, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

Holiday Time in Oregon

     Marijuana, Psilocybin, Oregon Measure 110: Where We Go From Here

     Luke Niforatos, Executive Vice President, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Recruiting Foster Care Families

     The Church and the Foster Care Crisis

​     Bob J. Bruder-Mattson, President and CEO, FaithBridge Foster Care

Secretaries' Innovation Group

Zoom Session September 2020

Zoom Session January 2021

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