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Unemployment Insurance

Workforce Roundtable - June 2018

  • Larry and others will lead a discussion of all matters Workforce, and help prepare for the session with Secretary Acosta. 

​         Secretaries’ Innovation Group Proposals to Empower States
​         Doug Holmes, President, UWC  

Unemployment Insurance Proposal - December 2017

  • An overhaul of the UI system is long overdue.  At our July meeting we discussed the SIG UI proposal in which states could own and manage their state trust fund under better policies favoring return to work, more efficient management and better fraud control.  Several states are preparing to champion the SIG proposal, and they will lead the discussion here and when we meet with members of Congress. 

​         SIG: Three Demonstration Options to Modernize UI Policy and Empower States
​         Secretaries' Innovation Group 

Proposal for Legislative Action:  The SIG Reform of Unemployment Compensation - July 2017

  • The basic structure of the UI system has seen little to no change in the nearly eighty years it has existed.  We can learn lessons from other programs. Unlike UI, the workers’ compensation system has adapted over time because it incorporates flexibility for states to respond to industry and regulatory change.   TANF is another example - - after most states secured waivers of AFDC requirements, the most successful state experiments were later embodied in the 1996 federal reform.  
  • An overhaul of the UI system is long due.  Federal law should allow states to take control of their trust fund under better policies favoring return to work.  Even more modest changes will allow states to offer innovative methods to find jobs for the short-term and long-term unemployed while preserving benefits to support them in the meantime.

​​         Proposals to Empower States

​         Douglas J. Holmes, President, UWC – Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation

Improving Data Integrity - June 2016

  • Using large scale data analytics to identify fraudulent claimants.   Predictive modeling experiments using false email address identifiers, third party cross matches, etc.  Integrity pilots from CA, IA, ID. Development of a national data hub cross states for info on suspicious claimants; increasing the frequency of updating standard databases.  Update from Cissy Proctor FL on their call-in initiative of suspected ineligible UI claimants who must report to the WIOA office and match drivers’ license with state photo. In addition, Alabama will present the results from its use of the Work Number for employment verification.   

​         Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center
​         Randy Gillespie, Project Director, UI Integrity Project, National Association of State Workforce Agencies
​         Alabama Work Number
​         Brandon Hardin, Food Assistance Director, Alabama Department of Human Resources

Monthly Reporting - June 2016

  • Not for the faint-hearted because of its burden on business, Illinois has nevertheless enacted a requirement that employers report income on a monthly basis.  Originally for the purpose of reducing Medicaid expenditures, monthly reporting has identified for UI a new $160 million potential capture from overpayments. How to realize this savings is an administrative question. 

​         IDES UI Integrity Report
​         Jeff Mays, Director, Illinois Department of Employment Security
​         Marco Morales, Benefit Payment Control Manager, Illinois Department of Employment Security

Unemployment Insurance - November 2015
​​         SIG Revitalizing Unemployment Insurance