Secretaries' Innovation Group

Washington, DC SIG November 2022

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Overview of the situation after the election on the Hill and on the ground 

     Welfare, Marriage and Abortions
      Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation 

Best practices in using performance criteria to generate positive outcomes

     Social Finance Overview
      Michael Grossman and Jake Segal, Social Finance

New opportunities for states to advance using federal funds

     Opportunities to Advance State UI Programs

      Michelle Beebe, Office of Unemployment Insurance, ETA

The growing male drop- out phenomenon

     America’s Work Crisis Into a New Phase
      Nicholas Eberstadt, American Enterprise Institute

How to best help the seriously mentally ill

     Severe Mental Illness: What Can a Governor’s Administration Do?
      Lisa Dailey, Executive Director, Treatment Advocacy Center

Work and the Social Safety Net: Labor Activation in Europe and the United States

     Work on the Social Safety Net
      Doug Besharov and Doug Call, University of Maryland

The latest in positive identification

​     The Next Generation of Digital Identity
      Teresa Wu, Vice President, Innovation and Client Engagement, IDEMIA
      Awilda Gunderson, National Director Digital Identity, IDEMIA

If you leave the workforce for six weeks because of an injury, you will never come back

      Ill/injured Workers Thrust into a Maze
      Jennifer Christian, Alliance for Bridging Work and Health, former consultant to DOL

Is society giving up on the idea the underclass can be uplifted into the mainstream?

     A Permanent Underclass: How Policies on Homelessness, Addiction, & Mental Illness Discourage Transformation
      Paul Webster, Hope St. Coalition