Secretaries' Innovation Group

Washington, DC Child Welfare Meeting November 2022

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Abuse and neglect are two separate standards.  Don’t co-mingle them!

     Child Maltreatment, Poverty, and Other Social Problems

       Doug Besharov, University of Maryland

Texas uses data matching to improve service capacity sooner and divert families from substantiated findings

Prevention in Texas
       Sasha Rasco, Chief Prevention and Community Well-Being Officer, Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services

What is there to do about the “legal orphans” for whom there are no prospective adoptive parents?

     Leveraging Technology to Create Families
      Thea Ramirez, Founder and CEO, Adoption-Share

Should Maternal Illicit Drug Use During Pregnancy Be Considered Child Abuse?

     Should Illicit Drug Use During Pregnancy Be Considered Child Abuse?

      Nancy Young, Children and Family Futures & Project Director, National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare

Are juvenile justice placements taking over child welfare?

Dangerous Merging: Foster Care Offramp for Dysfunctional Juvenile Justice Systems
      Greg McKay, former AZ commissioner

Birth Match precautions save new infants from harm from known abusers

Learning from the Past: Using Child Welfare Data to Protect Infants through Birth Match Programs
      Marie Cohen, Child Welfare Monitor

Will the Indian Child Welfare Act be struck down? 

Brackeen v. Haaland and ICWA
      Tim Sandefur, VP for Legal Affairs, Goldwater Institute ​