Secretaries' Innovation Group

Overview of the Situation on the Ground

   ​Safety Net Benefits in the Pandemic and Beyond

     Matt Weidinger, American Enterprise Institute​

     The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): Quick Hits and Updates

​     Jennifer Tiller, House Committee on Agriculture   

     Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Reauthorization Expanded Waiver and Demonstration Authority to Spur

      Mason Bishop, WorkEd

    Amending WIOA

     Erik Randolph, Director of Research, Georgia Center for Opportunity

     Les Ford

     The Impact of Welfare Reform and Work-based Welfare on: Marriage, Non-Marital Births and Abortion

      Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation

     Child Poverty Has Been Cut in Half Since 1996 Welfare Reform

      Jamie Hall, Heritage Foundation

Best Practices in Addiction Treatment and the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Use​​

     Improving Addiction Treatment

      William Compton, Deputy Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

     Lessons Learned in Legalized States

      Luke Niforatos, Smart Approaches to Marijuana


Positive Identity and Fraud

   Positive Identity and Fraud

     Andrew McClenahan, LexisNexis

     Justin Hyde, LexisNexis

     Pete Eskew,


What works best in job training and employment?

   What Works Best in Job Training and Reemployment

    Jacob Klerman, Senior Fellow, Abt Associates

Returning Offenders

    Center for Employment Opportunities Change that Works 

     Sam Schaeffer, CEO and Executive Director, Center for Employment Opportunities

​     Patience Lewis-Walker, Cnter for Employment Opportunities

​Hidden Workers and how to unlock their potential

     The Great Resignation, Skill-based Hiring and the Future of Learning

      Joseph Fuller, Project on Managing the Future of Work, Harvard Business School

Washington, DC SIG June 2022

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