Secretaries' Innovation Group

Washington, DC Meeting June 2018

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Child Welfare and New Family First Legislation

    Organizational Structure and the Family First Act of 2018
     Jim Payne, former Director, Indiana Department of Child Welfare and former Presiding Judge, Marion Superior Court Juvenile Division

     Family First Prevention Services Act Opportunities
     Heather Baker, Public Consulting Group

Child Welfare and Theory of Constraints

     Getting Big Results in Social Services
     Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Utah Office of Management and Budget

Administration for Children and Families

     Remaking the Safety Net (RSN) Demos Welfare to Work Projects
     Clarence Carter, Director, Office of Family Assistance

Reductions in Unplanned Pregnancies

     Upstream USA
     Mark Edwards, Co-Founder, Upstream

Milwaukee Community Building Workshops

     How Community Building Can Improve Human Service and Criminal Justice Outcomes
     Edward Groody, President, Community Building Institute

Why the Universal Basic Income is a Bad Idea

     What’s the Problem with Universal Basic Income?
     Robert Doar, American Enterprise Institute

Food Stamps

     Upward Mobility / Food Stamps
     Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretaries’ Innovation Group

Poverty Measurement -  Stacking Earnings and Tax Benefits Together

     Net Income Calculations for Mothers Earning Minimum Wage In Selected States
     Report: Net Income Calculations for Mothers Earning Minimum Wage in Selected States
     Erik Randolph, Economic Policy Researcher

     Report: Five Myths About Welfare and Child Poverty
     Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage

Returning Offender and Employment

     Reentry and Recidivism: What We Know About What Works
     David B. Muhlhausen, Director, National Institute of Justice

Performance and Impact

     Maximizing Impact Through Outcomes Contracting
     Caroline Whistler, CEO, Third Sector Capital

Workforce Roundtable

     Secretaries’ Innovation Group Proposals to Empower States
     Doug Holmes, President, UWC

Reducing the Negative Effects of Disability Benefits on Labor Force Participation

     Helping People Facing Obstacles
     Grant Collins, Senior Vice President, Fedcap

     Opportunities for States to Help Workers with Medical Conditions Keep Their Jobs
     Dave Stapleton, Senior Fellow, Mathematica

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

     SAMHSA: Addressing National Mental Health and Substance Use Issues
     Dr. Ellie McCance-Katz, Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, HHS

Unleashing the Power of Administrative Data

     Report: Unleashing the Power of Administrative Data
     Robert Doar, American Enterprise Institute

     The Administrative Data Research Facility (or, data, data, everywhere – we need to stop and think)
     Julia Lane, Professor, New York University

Human Thriving

     Family Prosperity Initiative
     J. Scott Moody, Chief Economist and Director of Research, Family Prosperity Initiative