Secretaries' Innovation Group

Washington, DC Meeting July 2017

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​​Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis

     The Our Broken Escalator: Gathering Systemic Troubles In 21st Century America

     Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute

Update on Consent Decree Reform Efforts

     Rethinking Consent Decrees

     Maura Corrigan, Child Welfare, Former Michigan Human Services Director, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, & AEI Scholar

Developing a SIG Child Welfare Proposal for State Flexibility

     Child Welfare Financing​​

     Don Winstead, SIG Consultant

The Five Myths of Welfare Reform 

​     Are We Still Married? Family Structure and Family Policy in the Emerging Age of the Unformed Family

     Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation    

Food Stamp Reform

     Food Stamps

     Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretaries' Innovation Group​

Implementing Policies to Assure that the Mentally Ill are on their Medication

     Eliminating Barriers to the Treatment of Severe Mental Illness

     John Snook, Executive Director, Treatment Advocacy Center

Reducing Fraudulent Duplicate Payments

    The National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC): Creating a Health and Human Services Clearinghouse

     Kevin McCabe, Senior Director of Sales, LexisNexis
     Richard Grape, Market Planner, LexisNexis
     Joel Savell, Director of Business Development, LexisNexis

Why Do Federal Job Training Programs Fail to Have Larger Impacts on Employment and Wages Than They Do?

     On Labor Market Policy

     Jacob Alex Klerman, Senior Fellow, Abt 

Fraud Prevention Using Biometric Techniques for Positive Identification

     Biometrics and High-Trust Digital Identities: Creating Opportunities for Improved Access, Improved Service and Program ROI

     Mark DiFraia, Senior Director of Market Development, MorphoTrust USA

     Jason Conley, Executive Director,  Identification Technical Association (IdTA)

Marijuana and Employee Productivity

     Cannabis: What We Know and What Keeps Us Up at Night
     Dr. Susan Weiss, Director, Division of Extramural Research, Office of Science Policy, National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH

     Marijuana and Employee Productivity
     Jeffrey Zinsmeister, Executive Vice President, Smart Approaches to Marijuana & Senior Fellow, University of Florida Drug Policy Institute

The Positive Health Effects of Work: Preventing Needless Work Disability by Helping People Stay Employed Despite Medical Conditions

     Loss of Livelihood Is a Devastating Health Outcome
     Dr. Jennifer Christian, Webility Corporation

The Future of Government Programs is to Pay for Outcomes, Not Process:  From Concept to Action 

     Maximizing Impact Through Outcomes Contracting
     Caroline Whistler, CEO, Third Sector Capital Partners

     John Grossman, Managing Director & General Counsel, Third Sector Capital Partners

     Public Impact Initiative / Options for Outcomes-Based Funding
     Jeff Shumway, Vice President of Advisory Services, Social Finance
     Navjeet Bal, Vice President & General Counsel, Social Finance

Six Sigma or Lean May Not Be the Best Systems for Government Management Improvement: The Theory of Constraints (TOC) May Be More Adaptable

     Theory of Constraints: 1O1
     Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office Management and Budget

Criminal Justice - Substance Abuse and Work

     Overview of Swift Certain Fair—Principles, Practices, and Innovations
     Sandy F. Mullins, JD, Marron Institute of Urban Management, New York University

     BetaGov: Innovate with Us
​     Jonathon Stewart, Research Scholar, Marron Instit​ute of Urban Management & Chief of Staff, Litmus, New York University

​From Career Academies to Apprenticeships:  Doing the Hard Work of Integrating Work and Learning to Provide Meaningful Advancement Opportunities

Improving Youth Labor Market Prospects: Long-Term Findings From an Evaluation of Career Academies
     James Kemple, Research Alliance for New York City Schools, New York University

Proposal for Legislative Action:  The SIG Reform of Unemployment Compensation

     Proposals to Empower States
     Douglas J. Holmes, President, UWC – Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation