Life Sequencing for Success


     The Success Sequence: How are Education, Work, and Marriage Linked with Millennials’ Financial Well-Being?

     Bradford Wilcox, Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia

Full Work Engagement in TANF​​


     Maine TANF Breaking the Cycle Achieving Targets and Outcomes: First 8 Months

​     Grant Collins, Senior Vice-President, Fedcap


Child Support


​     Recent Trends in Child Support Enforcement

​     Robert Doar, American Enterprise Institute 


Food Stamp Eligibility, Fraud, and SIG Priorities 


​     SIG SNAP Recommendations

     Secretaries' Innovation Group     

Unemployment Insurance Proposal


     SIG: Three Demonstration Options to Modernize UI Policy and Empower States

     Secretaries' Innovation Group

State Job Performance Measurement


     ​Using Outliers as Teachers Comparative Performance Monitoring under WIOA

     Doug Besharov, University of Maryland


     WIA Value-Added Charts
     Randy Eberts, Upjohn Institute


Trump Drug Policy


    The Opioid Epidemic: HHS Response

     Chris Jones, Acting Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Science and Data Policy), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS


     Marijuana: Impacts on the Opioid Crisis and the Workforce

​     Garth VanMeter, Vice-President of Federal Affairs, SAM

Stay at Home and Return to Work


     Stay at Work/Return to Work: Innovative Approaches for Maintaining a Strong State Workforce

     Jennifer Sheehy, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Disability and Employment Policy, Department of Labor


Operating a Recovery House without Subsidies


     Where Work Works

     Bill McGrahan, Founder, Georgia Works!



Washington, DC Meeting November 2017

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