Washington, DC Child Welfare Meeting December 2023

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Secretaries' Innovation Group

State Performance on Time to Permanency

     Timely Permanency Report Cards

       Sarah Font, Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Penn State

     How does Utah Achieve Permanency?
      Kevin Jackson, Utah Child Welfare Assistant Director

Anti-Adoption Movement 

The Battle for Permanency: The Anti-Adoption Movement in the US
       Thea Ramirez, Founder of Adoption-Share 

Residential Care

     Purpose Not Placement: Setting the Stage for the Future of Residential Care
      Lisette Burton, Chief Policy & Practice Advisor, Association of Children's Residential and Community Services

Drug Testing and Reporting of Substance Exposed Infants

     Prenatal Substance Exposure and Child Protection: Trends in Policy and Practice

      Sarah Font, Penn State

Lessons in Failure from New Mexico
      Maralyn Beck, Founder & Director, New Mexico Child First Network