Secretaries' Innovation Group

Washington, DC Meeting December 2019

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Misused Poverty Statistics

   ​Measuring Poverty and Deep Poverty in the United States

     Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation


Reductions in Abortions

     Upstream USA

     Liz O'Neill, Upstream USA

Federal Funds for Pay for Success

     Leveraging Government Funds to Pay for Success

    Oscar Benitez, Director, Third Sector Capital Partners

     Maria Posey, Director of Federal Business Development, Third Sector Capital Partners


Utah's Theory of Constraints Continues to Produce Big Results in SIG States

     Thinking Clearly

     Kristin Cox, Executive Director, Utah Office of Management and Budget

     Social Services Redesign

     ​Sara Stolt, Transformation Manager, North Dakota Department of Human Services

     Theory of Constraints Continuous Improvement Project

     Steve Corsi, former Secretary, Missouri Department of Social Services

The Surgeon General's Advisory on Marijuana

   Office of the Surgeon General

     VADM Jerome Adams, MD, MPH, United States Surgeon General

    Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation

     Randall Williams, Director, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services


Impact Investing

   Sagamore Institute

     Jay Hein, President, Sagamore Institute

Food Stamps and New Rules - What Next on Implementation

​     Family First Prevention Services De-funding Act

​     Brent Newman, President, Accuity Inc.