Secretaries' Innovation Group

A Critique of the Evolving Biden Philosophy and Political Practice

   The New, Unconditional Child [Tax] Credit

     Doug Besharov, University of Maryland

   ​Total Economic and Social Resources - Poor Families with Children Poor Families - 2018

     Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation


Year Up Program

     Year Up Mission and Model

     David Fein, Principal Associate, Social and Economic Policy, Abt Associates    

     Duane Reid, Site Director, Up DC

Child Welfare New Developments

     FFPSA and the IMD Issue

      Sean Hughes, Managing Partner of Governmental Relations at Social Change Partners


Tennessee Requests Guidance

     TANF Opportunity Act Overview

     Clarence Carter, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Human Services

Will surging illegal immigration ultimately overwhelm our culture or just add to US economic strength?


     Larry Mead, Professor of Politics and Public Policy, NYU & prominent social welfare author

   The Border Surge and the Impact of Immigration On America

     Steve Camarota, Research Director, Center for Immigration Studies​


Standard treatment alone is insufficient if it makes no demands for action on the drug dependent personality.  A proven alternative.

   Work Works America: A Comprehensive Model

     Isabel McDevitt, Executive Vice President, The Doe Fund

Washington, DC Meeting August 2021

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