​​​​​Food Stamps and TANF

          Human Resources Subcommittee, House Committee on Ways and Means 

​          State status on ABAWD Waivers

​          ABAWD Elimination Fact Sheet for Indiana

          Brief summary of Speaker Ryan's plan to help reduce poverty


Kansas Ho!​

​     Information on Kansas welfare policy reform and the HOPE Act

     Statistics on the new Kansas welfare reform policies

Performance Management

​     America Works

     Carlyle Van Outten, Director, America Works of Wisconsin

How to Influence the Culture We Live In

     Building Capacity in Organizations & Communities 

     Christopher Brown, President, National Fatherhood Initiative​

​     An overview of the National Fatherhood Institute 

     Mass Media Campaigns to Reach Low-Income Fathers

     ​Maggie Spain, Vice President, The Bawmann Group 

     Maggie Spain, overview of various media campaigns in regards to trying to reach out to low income fathers


​     Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

     What Can We Do in Our Own States

​     Sue Rusche, President, National Families in Action

​     Statistics from post-legalization in Colorado

     Sheet of various facts regarding marijuana 

Using Participant Journaling to Re-direct and Improve Personal Outcomes

​     George Braucht, Enhanced Supervision Program Coordinator, Georgia Department of Community Supervision (Retired)

Biometric Positive Identification​

     Biometrics and Positive Identification

     Teresa Wu, Director of Strategic Marketing and Government Relations, MorphoTrak

     Tracking of Time Services (TOTS)

     Guy Sylvester, Executive Director of Program Integrity and Improvement, Louisiana Department of Human Services

     Program Examples of the use of Biometrics

     Cayen Systems, list of various applications and solutions for Biometrics

Update on LARCs

     Upstream USA

     ​Mark Edwards, Co-Founder, Upstream USA

Improving Data Integrity

     Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center

     Randy Gillespie, Project Director, UI Integrity Project, National Association of State Workforce Agencies

     Alabama Work Number

     Brandon Hardin, Food Assistance Director, Alabama Department of Human Resources

Monthly Reporting​

     IDES UI Integrity Report

     Jeff Mays, Director, Illinois Department of Employment Security

     Marco Morales, Benefit Payment Control Manager, Illinois Department of Employment Security

Secretaries' Innovation Group

Atlanta Meeting June 2016

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