Secretaries' Innovation Group

Theory of Constraints

     Better, Faster, Cheaper State Government

     Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

     Rapid Process Improvement at TWC

     Larry Temple, Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission

     Alfredo Mycue, Director of Business Transformation / Rapid Process Improvement, Texas Workforce Commission

Important Research Findings

‚Äč     America's Entitlement Epidemic: Dimensions and Implications

     Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute

     Who Advances in the Low Wage Labor Market? Surprising Findings of Strong Wage Growth for Consistent Workers

     Harry Holzer, Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University

     Do Federal Social Programs Work?

     David Muhlhausen, Research Fellow in Empirical Analysis, Hertitage Foundation

WIA and Social Impact Bonds


     Putting Private Sector Financing to Work for Social Benefit: Public Private Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Pay-for-Success                          Success Contracts, and Social Impact Bonds

     Douglas Besharov, Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy, Director, Welfare Reform Academy and Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

     Pay for Success: A Federal Perspective

     Gary Glickman, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Domestic Finance, U.S. Department of Treasury


Atlanta Meeting June 2014

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