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Theory of Constraints   

Six Sigma or Lean May Not Be the Best Systems for Government Management Improvement: The Theory of Constraints (TOC) May Be More Adaptable - July 2017
  • When FL SIG member Cissy Proctor called upon Utah to import its management effectiveness approach called Theory of Constraints (TOC), its implementation applied to Florida’s UI program resulted in an increase in UI on-time payments of twenty percentage points, from the high 60s to the high 80s, in a period of just months.   Utah OMB director Kristen Cox will show how this management efficiency and effectiveness system is being used across program areas in her state to decrease costs and improve outcomes.  

​         Theory of Constraints: 1O1
​         Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office Management and Budget

Theory of Constraints - June 2015

  • Steve will describe two Utah human services projects which achieved very high impacts on throughput and expenditure reductions.

​         Operational Excellence in Utah Government
​         Steve Cuthbert, Deputy Director, Utah Governor's Office of Excellence

November 2014

  • Improving New Mexico’s call center operations through the implementation of Theory of Constraints  

​         The Utah SUCCESS Initiative and the New Mexico Project
​         Greg Gardner, Operational Excellence Director, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

Theory of Constraints - June 2014

  • The Government Efficiency Exemption Policy - - bringing modern management advances into dark places.  
  • Utah - - Applications UP 48%;  FTEs DOWN 29% 
  • Texas RFP days from idea to publish DOWN by two thirds.  Bonus - How to shame a government lawyer into approving an RFP draft within 48 hours. 

​         Better, Faster, Cheaper State Government
​         Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget
​         Rapid Process Improvement at TWC
​         Larry Temple, Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission
​         Alfredo Mycue, Director of Business Transformation / Rapid Process Improvement, Texas Workforce Commission