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Food Stamps

Food Stamps - June 2018

  • This is our time for SIG members to press for adoption of House HR-2 which incorporates many of the changes to Food Stamps we have been seeking since 2014.   The bill adds funding for work, requires states to operate a work program for both singles and parents, makes changes to categorical eligibility, and increases the amount of fraud-recovered funds going back to states.  We will use this session to discuss and agree upon a plan of action, and to prepare for our meeting with FNS below.  

​         Upward Mobility / Food Stamps
​         Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretaries’ Innovation Group

Food Stamp Eligibility, Fraud, and SIG Priorities - December 2017 

  • As we prepare for our meeting with House and Senate members, and separately for our FNS roundtable later in the day below, we should take the opportunity to review our SIG recommendations on Food Stamp eligibility and fraud.  

​         SIG SNAP Recommendations
​         Secretaries' Innovation Group     

Food Stamp Reform - July 2017

  • In this session we SIG secretaries will discuss reforms we wish to propose to Agriculture Secretary Perdue when we meet with USDA chief of staff and newly appointed FNS officials on Wednesday.  Among the extensive discussions SIG members have had over the years related to Food Stamps, most prominent is the explosion in the caseload over the past twelve years and the absence of work requirements, unlike TANF.  

​         Food Stamps
​         Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretaries' Innovation Group​

​Food Stamps and Other Programs- November 2015

  • Most ABWOD waivers end December 31 unless renewed.  State secretaries discuss plans for transition to regular program, opportunities plus operational and political considerations.   How states are teaming up with Workforce agencies to provide program capacity.  
  • Photos on EBT cards, investigating retailer fraud;  making retail data available to states; everything fraud-related.  Director Jesse Panuccio FL and Jane Johnson FL discuss likely transition of UI fraud system to FS.

​         Food Stamps are Growing Too Fast and Without Accompanying Work Requirements
​         Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretaries' Innovation Group
​         SIG Reforming Food Stamps (SNAP) Policy Paper 
​         SIG Food Stamp Policy Ideas: November 2015
​         SIG Food Stamp Recommendations: November 2014​
​         SNAP Households' Eligibility Questionable Under BBCE
​         USDA Office of Inspector General: FNS Quality Control Process for SNAP Error Rate, September 2015
​         Past, Present, and Future of SNAP: A Look at the First Year of Review
​         Congressman K. Michael Conaway, Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture

Food Stamps - June 2015

  • Moving the SIG Statement on Food Stamp problems and recommended solutions to the next level.  Progress on purchase data available to states; photos and verification; investigating retailer fraud; other issues. Reports from Members; reactions and interactions with FNS. 

 ​         Fixing SNAP: How States Can and Should Stand Up to the Feds
​​         Mary Mayhew, Commissioner, Maine Department of Health and Human Services
​         SIG Food Stamp Recommendations

November 2014

  • The Good Fight - - Maine battles FNS over implementation of FS fraud initiatives

​         Food Stamp Quick Facts and Reform
​         Mary Mayhew, Commissioner, Maine Department of Health and Human Services

April 2014
​         SNAP Pilot Projects April 2014

FS Work Demo Operations - August 2013

  • Technical aspects of implementation: Managing the counterfactual provision 

​         Measuring the Cost Effects of SNAP Demonstrations: Possible Methodologies
​         Douglas Besharov, Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; and Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council