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Administration for Children and Families - July 2019

  • Roundtable all matters ACF, including TANF, child welfare, child care, child support, and more. Clarence Carter has asked SIG for time to present his vision for a future welfare system wholly constructed around healthy family self-reliance. Time will also be devoted to new opportunities for state implementation of at-risk alternatives to disability with funding from SSA and demonstrations approved by ACF.

         An ACF/State Initiative Moving the Disengaged to Work
​         Steve Wagner, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children & Families 
         Clarence Carter, Director, Office of Family Assistance

ACF and TANF - November 2018

  • We will cover all other topics including TANF, child support and child welfare. 

          Up … Not Off: Moving from Medicaid to Self-Sufficiency

          Steve Wagner, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children & Families          

          Clarence Carter, Director, Office of Family Assistance


When and how to fight spurious studies from the poverty industry - November 2018

  • We have all experienced written reports from academia or think tanks from the Left claiming that state efforts to improve parental responsibility and obligations for employment will harm both children and the parents themselves.  Now the University of Kansas claims that work programs and time limits are throwing children into foster care (see excerpt below). The published report gained lots of publicity but the state did not take it lying down. Instead, they contracted for a more credible academic study of their own.
  • From a KS NPR report - - A University of Kansas study supports the suspicions of lawmakers and advocates who believe there’s a link between additional restrictions on welfare benefits and an increase in foster care cases.  The researchers say their initial findings show that while Kansas was reducing the amount of time families could receive cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and increasing the requirements they needed to meet for that assistance, the number of child abuse and neglect cases went up. Abuse and neglect are the leading reasons why Kansas kids enter foster care.

          Kansas Model for Welfare Reform

          Steve Greene, Kansas Department of Children and Families

Administration for Children and Families - June 2018

  • Round table all matters ACF, including TANF, child welfare, child care, child support, and more.  Clarence Carter has asked SIG for time to present his vision for a future welfare system wholly constructed around healthy family self-reliance.   Jerry Milner will share his concept as to how child welfare systems can make prevention a priority, even before first contact with the agency. Angela Green will ask SIG states for help in identifying implementation issues under the new law so as to help ACF understand and support the federal responses necessary.

          Remaking the Safety Net (RSN) Demos Welfare to Work Projects
          Clarence Carter, Director, Office of Family Assistance

Full Work Engagement in TANF​​ - December 2017

  • Welfare to work vendor, Fedcap, has increased Maine’s work participation rate since they began there only nine months ago, from 16% to 50% - - and have boosted exits due to employment fourfold over the same period. 

          Maine TANF Breaking the Cycle Achieving Targets and Outcomes: First 8 Months
​          Grant Collins, Senior Vice-President, Fedcap

The Five Myths of Welfare Reform - July 2017

  • Public discussion of welfare is often misdirected because it is informed by faulty assumptions.  For example one myth is that the welfare state in the U.S. is small, particularly compared to Europe.  This and four other faulty commonplaces will be debunked.   

          Are We Still Married? Family Structure and Family Policy in the Emerging Age of the Unformed Family
          Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation    

TANF Reauthorization -  November 2016

  • On the year of the twentieth anniversary of TANF, a lookback and discussion of changes as proposed by Ways and Means and other options to the program in light of reauthorization. Grant Collins will describe thinking behind the Bush Administration’s TANF 2006 changes which were codified into current law. Jim Riccio of MDRC was part of the team that conducted the seminal experimental studies on the net impacts of various approaches to welfare and work, and will describe the results.   Ohio Director Cynthia Dungey will help facilitate discussion among secretaries of the pros and cons of prospective changes to federal requirements.  

          Lessons from Welfare-to-Work Experiments and Related Studies
          Jim Riccio, Director, Manpower Demonstration Research Corp.​

Kansas Ho!​ - June 2016

  • Secretary Gilmore will report on Kansas’ latest legislative accomplishment HOPE One and Two.  She and her team will also report on the employment results of its work program for ABWODs in the period since the waiver ended.  And there is still more - - the agency has proposed the extension of universal work engagement to the adult parents of children over age 6 via the FSET program.

          Kansas 2015 Session Welfare Reform Bill, HOPE Act
          Kansas HOPE Act
          Information on Kansas welfare policy reform and the HOPE Act
          Kansas New Welfare Work Requirements
          Statistics on the new Kansas welfare reform policies

Family Income and the Welfare Effect - June 2015

  • Stacked welfare benefits with phase outs make it very difficult to increase family income as a result of wage increases.  

          The Income Effect of Welfare
          Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow, DeVos Center for Religion and Domestic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation
          Modeling Potential Income and Welfare Assistance Benefits in Illinois: Findings and Recommendations
          Erik Randolph, Senior Fellow, Illinois Policy Institute

November 2014
          A Tale of Two Decades: Post-Welfare Reform Progress Reversed
          Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Important Research Findings - June 2014
          America's Entitlement Epidemic: Dimensions and Implications
          Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute

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